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Posts for: March, 2011

By drbahroos
March 30, 2011
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Happy Birthdays to Ian Ziering, Eric Clapton, Warren Beatty, Peter Marshall, Norah Jones, Piers Morgan, Mark Consuelos, John Astin, Paul Reiser, M.C. Hammer and Celine Dion.

By drbahroos
March 28, 2011
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Drawing is early next week.

Today's Birthdays:  Andrew Lloyd Webber, Reese Witherspoon, Bob Costas, James Patterson, Elvis Stojko, Matthew Modine, Stephanie Mills and William Shatner.

March 20th is also Snowman Burning Day, National Agriculture Day, Proposal Day, Won't You Be My Neighbor Day, Maple Syrup Day, Bock Beer Day, and National Ravioli Day!  Happy Birthdays to Kathy Ireland, Hal Linden, Bobby Orr, Pat Riley, Holly Hunter, Carl Reiner, William Hurt and Spike Lee.